Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Gift:

I have been given the gift of being a caretaker for the elderly. Last year I worked full time doing this and have gone to just once in a while (prn). I had the opportunity to work tonight, and I was reminded why I can't stay away. I enjoy going and listening to their stories, holding their hand when they are feeling lonely and helping them do things that they can no longer do for themselves. To think that for these sweet people, their lives are coming to an end, some are ok with that, and some are not. I cherish a dear friend of mine who recently passed away. She was 92 and still so full of life. In fact, she was so full of life that her and I clashed when she first moved in to the facility. I really did not enjoy working with her. Through service and listening to one another, I grew to love her. We talked about our beliefs, her family, stories of her growing up, choices she had made, things she had done. I'll never forget the day she found out she had cancer on her face and we cried together. That same cancer took her. What a sweet, vivrant woman who had so much to offer this world. She was, and still is, a christian who gave so much to others, and to me. I will always hold her friendship close to my heart. I am so glad for the opportunity I have to serve these wonderful spirits that God has put in my path.


Alaskagirl said...

Thanks for sharing! I know that you love the people you work with there and that they are blessed to have you!

Bejel said...

Working in a care center is probably the hardest work I ever did for the least amount of money and Angela, just like you I still remember and love the people I took care of. I only wish that money were of no concern in my life so I could afford to keep looking after them. I know your patients love you and you are so good to them..they are blessed to have you looking after them.