Monday, January 15, 2007

I was doing so good this morning to get up, on a holiday no less, and go to the gym. I got all ready to go, made sure I had my tunes, and even checked to make sure I had enough power. No earphones!! I have searched all over the house and can not find them. I think they are in my daughter's room and I am not going to wake her up- YIKES- that would be a bad idea. So, here I sit in my workout clothes, thinking about the chocolate chip cookies I made last night that I want to eat out of frustration. We are going to Bogus Tube Hill today, maybe that can count as a workout, hmmmmmm.


Alaskagirl said...

It sounds like you maybe should have gone back to bed and slept on the idea some more of working out. I bet you did get a good excersice yesterday at Bogus.

Bejel said...

yes, but did you eat the cookies or go to the gym? Maybe you ate cookies on the way to the gym! XOXO Bejel