Friday, February 23, 2007

IT"S A PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Coleman with her A.M. class A.M. gift filled with lots of goodies. P.M. basket filled with lots of goodies. Miss Coleman and myself. Mrs. Williams and I pulled off a very fun birthday party plan. It just so happened that the kidergarten teacher we work with was out a couple of weeks ago, on a Friday and Monday. We drafted a note and sent it home to parents. Miss Coleman was having a birthday in a few weeks. NOW was their opportunity to donate to the cause of the best kindergarten teacher ever. They had ONE weekend to shop or donate cash, but it all needed to be turned in by THAT Monday bacause she would be gone. It was perfect!!!! The kidos brought in some really fun things, and some cash for me to shop for her as well. I put together a morning gift basket and an afternoon gift basket. Scott and I went and decorated her classroom last night with balloons hanging all over the ceiling. Scott blew up all the balloons, what a man :) I made cupcakes for both classes and I can't believe that all of the kids were able to keep the surprise!! Not one little peep for over 2 weeks. Anyway, I am so glad we were able to surprise her for her birthday. What made it really great is that she thought the first gift basket was from both classes. She was trying to put everything back in place just so. She wanted the next class to have just as much fun watching her with her loaded basket. She was way surprised to see yet another gift basket from the afternoon class. That was pretty fun. :) The kids loved the balloons and enjoyed their cupcakes. It was a very fun day at school; for me, for the kids, and for the best kindergarten teacher ever!!!!! Happy Birthday!!

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Alaskagirl said...

Thanks for making my birthday so special. I don't deserve you or Mrs.Williams. I am truly blessed to get to work with two wonderful people on daily basis. Scott is a great guy for helping too!! Have a super week-end.