Wednesday, April 11, 2007

House for SALE.

Well, the time has come. We have cleaned, organized, purged, cleaned again, had the carpets stretched and cleaned, had the windows done, touched up paint, the light fixtures all have working bulbs, and the shrubs have been tended to and we have staged the house. We have had inspectors, appraisers and Realtors come through. We have selected a Realtor, and an official "FOR SALE" sign has been placed in the yard. Scott will start his new job on Monday and is currently in route to Cincinnati. I will take on the task of all the household and parenting duties for the next few months, along with trying to sell a house. Should be quite the challenge, but Scott and I felt it important that the kids and I finish out the school year here. So far all is well, I'll let you know if I've gone crazy in a few weeks. :)

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Alaskagirl said...

You are a great mom and wonderful wife. I know that you are strong and will make these next few weeks enjoyable for your kids! I am glad that Scott had a safe trip.