Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bad Blogger!!

Bad Blogger you say!! I have been very busy lately, and while that really NO excuse, you would be proud that all of my Scentsy stuff is ready (I even pulled off an Open-House this weekend), I have managed to get my butt out of bed twice this week for an hour walk through the neighborhood, and have managed to download iTunes and sync my new iPod!! I finally even took those photos of my new furniture this morning and have managed to get them on the computer. Why the new iPod you ask? After all the unpacking, my newer MP3 player was nowhere to be found. It never made the move (meaning that one of the packers most likely pocketed it). I found a nice 30GB iPod on Ebay for a reasonable price and it works great!! It even came with the armband and a car charger, so I am ready to go. It has taken a bit of work to convert all my music files to iTunes, but I am happy to be on a new exercise routine, even if it only has been 2 days :) I really enjoy this iPod too. In addition to my music, I downloaded a bunch of short Pixar films from iTunes. How fun!! As for Scentsy, my neighborhood open house had an okay turnout. I did get two bookings, one being a local real estate office. I'm quite excited about that!! I also got a part-time possistion with the Milford School District working at the Success Academy (alternative school). That should be interesting being that I have worked my whole adult life with children under the age of 10, most being under the age of 6. I'm not sure what this year's challenges will bring working with "at-risk" teens. They don't re-direct so easily and they throw out some choice language here and there. We'll see, I'm up for a challenge. Okay, and for those of you waiting for the pictures of the new furniture, here they are: This is my kitchen hutch, I should have taken a few detail shots. Free standing cupboard, we use it to store our dishes :) our new entryway console table MM's new dresser MM's bed that we bought from a friend before we moved here. Notice she is still sleeping in it. It was 9am when I took the picture. She has been staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning reading the new Harry Potter book. She will be up about noonish. I will try and do better with by blogging :)


CandyandLadybugs said...

You goofball!!! Taking a picture of a sleeping child. hehe! Everyone is racing to read HP7 now that it is out. I'd be in a hurry too, so that no one would ruin the end for me. :-) I might blog less now when school starts. I'll have two schools now! YIKES!

Alaskagirl said...

Good Girl!! Way to blog. Congrats on the new job. I can't wait to hear all about it. You'll do great. LOVE the new furniture. I can't wait to have my own house someday again to decorate.