Friday, July 6, 2007


Today we needed to get out and do a bit of exploring. We found the mall!!! I took the kids to see the Ratatouii movie, then we went to Bath and Body Works (Makenah's new favorite store). I bought some grapefruit shampoo/conditioner to try. I was just told that if you have a hint of grapefruit smell, it will make you more youthful. We'll see about that :) Just to let you all know, they are having a GREAT sale!! Now is the time to stock up if you are a regular there. Scott was a few minutes away so I asked if he would like to meet us at Maggiano's (My favorite Italian). I haven't been there since Minnesota. YUMMMM!! We had a celebration to our house being almost set up and all of the boxes unpacked!! It was a great day out and I came home and did some touch up painting in Madisen's room. Tomorrow we will hang the girls things on their walls.


CandyandLadybugs said...

I have the pink grapefruit shimmery lotion. That stuff smells great! :) :) :) Sounds like things are going great there. :) Miss you!

Alaskagirl said...

The mall sounds fun! There is no mall in sight for about an hour and a half...I'm going to town next week and hope that BBW is still having their sale.

bloomswheresplanted said...

well alaskagirl, it's a good thing we have the internet for online shopping!! i remember being an hour and a half away from the mall when we lived in cortez, co and there was NO internet shopping yet. nothing like hands on and being able to touch the merchandise before you buy :)