Monday, July 30, 2007

Got Me Again :)

I've been tagged again. Here it goes: 4 Jobs I've Had: dance teacher hotel front desk teacher's aid nurse's aid 4 Places I have lived: San Jose, California Cortez, Colorado Waconia, Minnesota Meridian, Idaho 4 Favorite T.V. Shows: American Idol Grey's Anatomy Survivor Monk 4 Favorite Foods: PF Changs lettuce wraps Maggiano's chicken alfredo Scott's Guacamole/salsa BBQ Salmon 4 Websites I frequent: mapquest (lately) blogs Scentsy My digital Muse 4 Places I'd Rather be Right Now: On a beach with my hunny helping a friend in Idaho (see post below) water skiing camping 4 Movies I LOVE: Sleepless in Seattle The Notebook Steel Magnolias Annie Get Your Gun Tagging: Bejel Melissa Audra Natalie

1 comment:

Alaskagirl said...

Great list. I should have put Scott's guac down...I do love it. I am missin' you and will probablly give you a shout sometime this week. I have some good news for you...