Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another Great Weekend!!

(the "Purple People Bridge") So I'm a little late in this post as another weekend approaches, but I just want to let you know what a great weekend we had!! Scott and I celebrated our 15-year anniversery, officially August 29th, but we went out Saturday night. We had a great dinner on Cincinnati's Riverfront, along the Ohio River, then went for a walk on the "people bridge". This bridge is very interesting in that it sits along the Ohio state line, crosses over this amazing river, then goes into the Kentucky state line. Anyway, Scott and I just stood out on the bridge and watched the boats as the sun went down and all the city light came on. BREATHTAKING!! So as we are standing there, with this amazing view of the water, the city, the lights; we notice to the right of us this big wall of concrete steps called the "Serpentine Wall". People were taping down tarps to mark their "spot" for Sunday nights huge Labor Day firework display. Scott and I heard about the Labor Day display put on the the Rozzi's, a firework company/family that live just up the road from us. So at 9:30pm, Scott and I drove home to grab our tarp and the duck tape, drove the 30 minutes back into the city with the kids, and marked our "spot" too. Sunday, after church, we headed over to the riverfront and become one with the over 500,000 other spectators. We got the last of the close parking places, they closed the lot after we drove in (: Our "spot" was still there and we had a great view, along with a small stage. We had to endure about 3 hours of HEADBANGING music (if you call it that), not my typical way to spend a Sunday for sure. I put my headphones on, we got out the cards and played a few rounds. The fireworks started about 9:30 and lasted exactly half an hour. Can I just tell you how absolutely incredible this show was. I have never expierenced fireworks like this. In between two bridges, sat 2 barges on the river. The shells were being fired off both bridges and the 2 barges. All set to audio, it's the most amazing fireworks display I have ever seen, loud and constant! All in all, I was told the number of shells fired off were somewhere in the thousands. It was a great way to end the summer and bring in the fall!!

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