Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Music to my ears...

While in my car this morning, I found out some information: Happy Birthday to the Radio!! So, in honor of the radio's birthday, here is a bit of history: In 1900, the radio was intiated into the 20th century by American engineer Reginald A Fessenden who transmitted the first human voice by radio to a receiver over a mile away in 1900. On 12 December 1901, Italian physicist Gugielmo Marconi sent and received the first wireless transmissions over the Atlantic. He later founded the American Marconi Company later to become the Radio Corporation of America. Small, short-range transmissions were sent out to dispatch news, forming the basis of radio and television "news flashes". The quality and quantity of the transmissions were to continually increase in the coming decades. Gotta love the radio! Also, it's National Throw-Up at the Fair Day. Bet you didn't know that either!!

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little miss shortcake said...

happy throw-up at the fair day!
who thinks of these things?