Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who Goes to the South Pole??

MY BROTHER IS!! Jeremy will be LIVING in Antarctica, you know, almost like Minnesota only a LOT colder, there are arctic animals and you have to get there by way of an ICE SHIP. Unlike Minnesota, there are some amazing light shows at night. He leaves from Arizona (yeah, don't think he'll be needed those flip-flops) on November 7th and will be there for about a year. He just got a new job with Raytheon, a science based company, and will be building science stations for the scientists -crazy! It is a once in a life-time opportunity that is right up his alley. If anyone is up for an extreme adventure it would be my brother, Jeremy. I am excited for him and look forward to hearing of his adventures. Take care Bro, I love and miss you!!

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queridokitchen said...

I wish I could tell him I;ll come to visit, but I only own flip flops :) Nice back yard too...whoose is it?? Oh yah...mine! What a thing for him to get to do! did you see the building he is going to live in? It's crazy how it was made. I think I am going to send him off w/a phone card and some ping pong balls and paddles...there is a table in the rec room. Aren't those pics of Alaina hilarious? She talked about her ice cream all night!