Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Have You Ever Had The Feeling...

Yep, all day yesturday I felt like I was in a snow globe. It wasn't freezing, about 45 I guess, so the snow didn't stick to the streets. There was a constant flow of snow coming down though. Not great big flakes either, just small ones like in a snow globe. It's a magical feeling to look up and see all the snow falling around you. See what you people in California and Arizona miss out on. Of course, there is something to be said of the magical feeling the sun brings too. When I got to school yesturday I heard this loud siren coming from one of the buildings. Then I saw all the students coming out and realized it was the fire alarm. I was early so I went to the computer lab to work on a few things. Out the window I saw the firetruks coming around the corner. About 45 minutes later, my class is in the same building the fire alarm was in, so I leave the lab and head over to the other building. I'm not sure what happened, maybe a malfunctioning fire alarm. The fire trucks were just pulling out to leave. To celebrate our mid-term being over, our class did pizza and a movie. Normally, that would sound fun, but I had stuff to do and we could BARELY hear the 70's movie anyway. As luck would have it, 20 minutes into the move the alarm went off again. Off I went, back to the computer lab. I'm not sure if anyone else stuck around to watch the rest of the movie, but the older students, myself included, had things to do. Last night was skating night for the elem. school. The kids had a great time! Of course no camera, no pictures. I was able to put labels on all 300 of my new Scentsy catalogs while I was at the roller rink. On the way home, the roads were turning icy amazingly fast. My car slid a few times, but mostly it was due to the car in front of me that was crawling at 5 miles an hour. This morning is a 2-hour delay for the schools. The roads are too icy for the comuters, the car-poolers and the buses, so the comuters get to go first.


little miss shortcake said...

where is there a roller rink?
i wouldn't mind being one of the californians missing out on this snow... will it EVER be warm again?

Cari said...

How did I miss you at the skating party? I was there with my kids. They had a blast too. Great image of the snow. You're right, the fluttering snow globe.