Friday, April 18, 2008

The folding of the Flag :)

I know, so it's been a while. Last quarter I made the Dean's List, this quarter is a bit more of a struggle for me, so I have much less time to post. I just had my first out of five history exams and after putting in SO many hours of study time, I only got a 78%! After talking to a few other students that have taken this professor's classes, apparently he doesn't really use the book for his tests. Even though it is an open book, multiple choice test, you can mark the answer for what it says right from the book and you could get that answer WRONG, if it didn't suit the professor's fancy. I can't wait to be done with this quarter, only 4 more of these quizes to go and frankly, I really don't care if I come out of that class with a good, solid "C" (and I am an overachiever!) We watched a movie on the Stock Market Crash of 1929, a very interesting film. Anyway, there were a few that decided to sleep during the film. NOT a good idea!(and, no I was not one of them). After the movie was over, the "Nazi" professor told the class that for those that fell asleep,they were marked absent. Glad I found the movie interesting. One interesting thing I have learned from this class that I will share with you, because I never gave it much thought: Did you know that America is borrowing money from China to pay for the war? Did you know that the money we are getting back from the government (in the form of a tax-credit) to help boost the economy, we are also borrowing from China (or the middle-east), because they have $ coming out the wazoo? Like the Stock Market crash of 1929, caused by investors buying stocks on credit, inflating the prices and then selling -our country is in so much debt it is scarry to me. There are so many similarities to events that happened during the "New Era" and previous to the Great Depression, that are happening right now. Just make sure you have some money put away for a few rainy days because eventually, the USA will have to pay her debts back. On a happy note, I got some pictures of Madisen and a friend taking down the flag at school. With carpool, I don't usually pick up in the afternoon. The other day I was waiting to pick-up after school though, and Madisen came out with another classmate to take the flag down. I didn't have my camera, but the gal showing the girls the "procedure" in taking down a flag told me she would be doing it again the next day. Yesturday, I was there ready for pictures:


little miss shortcake said...

wow! congrats on making the deans list!
that nazi teacher is such a jerk!!

tiffyinajiffy said...

It is interesting how China is lending the U.S. so much money, isn't it!? Think about how dependant we are on them, Walmart has approx. 200 million shoppers, and almost all of its clothing and toys (among other things) were manufactured in China. The weird thing is that China used to be a low-income country by the world's standards, but has become more wealthy due to the population control on how many children a woman can have. However, at the same time the U.S. is in debt to China, there are many low and middle-income countries who together owe the United States billions of dollars they will likely never pay back. Okay, this is a long comment so I'll stop now. :) P.S. cute pictures, I remember when I was about ten and I had to fold a U.S. flag, I was so nervous it would accidentally touch the ground!