Monday, June 23, 2008


The Beast! Well, since Scott had this last week off, we decided to take a staycation. With the price of gas, and with the kids going to and fro, we kept it all local. After we dropped Dalton off at camp, we headed to the grocery store (Kroger's of course). I know that doesn't seem like much fun, but we let the girls pick out just about whatever they wanted for the next 3 days. It was so fun to see what they would pick. Makenah got ice cream, white bread (which I hardly ever buy) some really good limeade, and apples (she is in to cheese and apples these days). Madisen got soda, oreo cakesters, pinapple and some other yummy items. Scott got some steaks and some items for salsa. It was quite fun. After the store, Makenah had a drum lesson (she has made the switch from flute to percussion). Madisen and I came home and hung out. In the evening, we went to karate and all four of us earned our 3rd stripe. This means that we are about ready to test for our yellow belt :) Tuesday, after Scott had breakfast with Dalton, we took the girls to Kings Island Amusement Park. We corrupted Madisen and pulled her to the dark side. She now likes roller coasters! What a relief. She still won't do the upside down roller coasters, but she has a good start. Our favorites were: The Beast, The Firehawk, the Vortex, and The Racers. I can tell I'm getting a bit older (and wiser) now because this time I remembered to take some ibuprophen (4 of them) before we left. We had a great time and since Dalton doesn't like roller coasters, and he whines about walking at places like that, it was fun to just have the girls for that part. Wednesday, when the girls finally got up, we went to see Prince Caspian. It was about 2:45 when we got out the door. When the movie was over, Scott realized that it was 5:45 and Makenah had band practice at 6:00. We dropped Makenah off, then tried to hurry through Sonic. For some reason, they took F.O.R.E.V.E.R! We finally got Makenah's food to her and were excited to go home and have shrimp (I don't like shrip) and steak. Just after I said how excited I was about the steak, I remembered that Madisen and I had Activity Days (similar to Girl Scouts) at the church. Off we went. We ran through McDonalds and headed over. Scott had to drive us all over since I left my purse at home. This was the night we took all the girls (about 10 of them) to a not-so-near-by park to go exploring. It was fun. After, we headed back to the church to drop off the girls, then ran to pick up Makenah. When we got home, Makenah had to pack for her church youth trip to Palmyra, New York. Our stake chartered 3 buses and Makenah had to be there at 6 AM! Thursday Morning, we dropped off Makenah and had a good part of the day to spend with Madisen. We did some shopping at the local sporting goods store, then let her pick where she wanted to go for lunch. She was just saying how she wished there was a Macoroni Grill around here, and low and behold -there it was. After lunch, we did a bit more shopping and headed home. I got a bit of a nap, then it was time to pick up Dalton. (to be continued...)


Karen said...

Wow, that is a lot going on for any kind of va/stay-cation. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I am exhausted for you.


What a cute idea....staycation!!!

Leo said...

Hey! Really nice blog! I also have one, =) It’s in English, but I actually live in Sweden. How about U?
Have a nice day =)

CandyandLadybugs said...

Wow! You guys are busy! :) I hope you have a fun staycation. We're basically doing the same thing. Every other week, J has 5 days off in a row. We can't go camping because F is getting tutoring for her reading. And in July she starts summer school for the IRI. busy, busy, busy! :)

I hope Dalton has fun. :)

mjenningsdesigns said...

That was a lot going on girl! I LOVE limeaid too and that is the best brand :-) Have you tried the Edy's lime bars? Excellent :-)


meagan said...

Wow... sounds like a fun-filled week! I remember when I was soo afraid of roller coasters! When Missy finally got me to go on the Grizzly ride, it was all over. I wanted to ride that thing again and again. It did take awhile before I warmed up to "upside-down" rides though, but now I love them all! I wish we had an amusement park here!

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Hi! Found your blog thru pioneer woman.. EFY is the best - hope your daughter enjoyed it! I went many years ago at BYU - awesome!
I wish I lived closer to the church history sites. My hubby and I were in St Louis on Father's Day weekend, and were going to drive to Nauvoo, but the flooding was a problem, didn't know if we'd get there, so we didn't go!
Just wanted to say hi!

A fellow member.. in AZ