Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, it's a good thing I just checked my UC email account because the class I am supposed to take (Educational Psychology, starting MONDAY) has been cancelled! I can't believe they waited until the 18th to send out this information though. PRO's of the cancellation: More time with the kids More time to get things done around the house Be there to take the kids on their first day of school Refund of money No school stress for another 2 months I can work my Scentsy business more time to read what I would like I can hang out in Kristin's Kindergarten class to see how she establishes "the rules" and gets control of the class (which is what I REALLY was wanting to do) Con's of the cancellation: I will have to stress and cram in another quarter to try and make it up I will be going to Boise in a few weeks, and I worked my trip around my school schedule. I could have stayed longer had I known. I read over half of the text book, trying to get ahead. It will cost me more in gas later to take the class over 10 weeks, instead of 5. By the time I am able to take this class, they will have come out with a new edition of the textbook that I already have. So, Pro's and Con's, things happen for a reason. I'm kind of bummed because I had prepared my psyc and was ready to get this class out of the way, and to have this really hard professor. Now I need to regroup and think of ways to spend the rest of the summer. Maybe I should spend those hours working out, that would be good.

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