Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Makenah's Half Party!

It was a little over 15 years ago, when Scott and I were just beginning to think about having children, that I made the comment that I didn't want to give birth to any children between Christmas and New Years. It is karma then that I have TWO, not just TWO children between Christmas and New Years, but TWO children BORN ON THE SAME DAY between Christmas and New Years. Makenah and Madisen are exactly 3 years apart. I joke around sometimes and say that they were supposed to be twins, but Madisen chickened out at the last minute and told Makenah she needed to break us in first (she is doing a great job too). It is difficult to have birthdays so close to Christmas, then to have to share a birthday and not have the benefit of having a twin, it makes it even more difficult in my daughter's minds. We decided long ago, that we would let the girls take turns in the summer having a big party. We call them "Even and a half" parties. This summer it was Makenah's turn. We gave her $100 in one dollar bills to budget for her party. She bought plenty of junk food and pizza. :)
They had a great time swimming,
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and watching a movie, then making a bon fire (no picture of the bon fire)
Do you see the kid in the hat? This may have been a problem. It could have been the hat or it could have been the pool, we are not sure. But there was a problem! Stay tuned!

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mjenningsdesigns said...

Peyton was born 10 days after Christmas and we hate it! We celebrate his family day on June 30th which is like our 1/2 birthday party :-)