Sunday, August 24, 2008

Girls Camp:

Makenah went to girl's camp a few weeks back and had a great time! Located about 40 minutes northeast of where we live, when you go back roads there are some VERY small towns that you drive through. I actually saw the house of my dreams on my way there. I didn't take pictures, but next time I go that way, I will be sure to bring MY camera so I can show you what I mean. I sent Makenah to camp with her camera, and of course she didn't take any photos. I had to go up the second day to bring her back for an ortho appointment. She was happy because we stopped at McDonalds before I brought her back to eat dinner at camp. Apparently they serve classic camp food, and being the picky eater that she is, she hadn't eaten much in 24 hours. Her favorite part of camp was cleaning up her Cheez-Its with Abby and Christina on the floor of the canoe when the box spilled. She received a bunch of lip gloss and other make-up goodies from her "secret sister". When I picked her up on Saturday morning, she had no photos so I took a few with her camera. I've decided that I don't know how to use her camera because everytime I try, I end up with blurry photos:

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