Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's Celebrate (continued)

After Scott checked out the shoveled driveway, he came in for some tasty carnitas -YUM!
He didn't even take the time to sit at the table and eat -that's how good they are!
Besides the driveway, the kids and I gave him another gift:
Madisen's brownie cake (the kids ate most of it, so this was Scott's piece)
Scott needed more raquette balls, and a sticky glove. He plays everyday at lunch!
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Posted by Picasa
Inspite of the snow, and the over 3 hour delay, we had a fun night. February 4th, the next evening, we had carnitas again, only this time we sat down as a family and enjoyed the meal together :) Happy Birthday (week!) Scott!


Sandy said...

Hey, just stopped by..found you while reading Pioneerwoman.. funny that as I have stopped to read some other blogs from Pioneer Woman that have stood out to me, they happen to be LDS. I just think it's neat.. Really Liked your blog! Have a great day, Also, do you mind if I borrow your Gratitude saying?? Thanks,

Sandy said...

Thanks so much Angela!

Bridges Family said...

Happy Birthday Big Brother - looks like the week was fun!

little miss shortcake said...

yummy dinner, cake, and presents... sounds like a perfect b-day to me :)

happy birthday scott!