Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scentsy Incentive Trips and Getting things done...

Februray was a month of getting things D.O.N.E. I still feel like I am playing catch up from when I was sick and recovering. I went from being sick all of December, to having my surgery the end of December, to recovering for 6 weeks after the surgery, and getting not much done around the house, or with my business. During my recovery process (mostly the last 2 weeks of January), I did manage to have one of my best months ever with Scentsy. In order to earn the all-inclusive, week-long Scentsy trip for Scott and I, I needed to earn 45,000 points. There were different ways to earn the points and by the end of December, I had a little over 16,000 -definately not enough for the trip. In January, the last month to qualify, Scentsy came out with "DOUBLE THE POINTS". After thinking about it for about a week, I thought, "Well, the probability is slim to none, but I'm going to give it my best shot!". I called quite a few people that were willing to do basket parties (because I couldn't actually go out and "do" parties, -still in recovery mode) for me. Anyway, because I had so many people help me, and my team did some great things as well, Scott and I ARE GOING TO BANFF!! Our trip is scheduled for June, and I can't wait! Scott and I should be getting our passports any day. Now I am working on earning the Alaskan Cruise :)