Monday, April 13, 2009

The DC Metro (train)

Wednesday the kids were excited to take the Metro train to the DC Zoo. Getting around on the Metro wasn't too bad. It's a fun thing to do if you enjoy people watching for sure. We didn't realize that the garage we parked in requires that you have a SmartPass to pay meaning NO CASH, NO CREDIT CARDS! When we got back to the station after the zoo, we were in prime time of people getting off work and leaving the lot. We get up to the window and realized that we didn't have the right form of payment. Of course traffic was going in one direction to get out, so we had to back up and make a U-TURN against traffic. Oh well, we got it all figured out after having to go back into the station and buying a pass. At least we had that figured out for the following day of the Metro train. Dalton thought it was cool to stand and hold on to the bar. Max was excited to get out of his stroller and sit like a big kid on the seat. Lots of tunnels, elevators, and steep escalators.
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