Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve 2009

I know! Once again I have been MIA and I have LOTS of catching up to do over the next week. Last night was Christmas Eve and we followed through on our tradition of the kids opening up a gift. They (well, Scott and I) chose to have them open Grandma and Grandpa Tippets gifts. It looks like Grandma Tippets spent some time making cozy blankets for the kids and they LOVED them. Makenah's blanket has dolphins, which matches her room perfectly. So many of the items that make up the cowboy theme in Dalton's room are hand made from Dalton's grandparents, great-grand parents, and Scott. The horse blanket is so fitting for his room and one more thing to make up the love that surrounds him while he sleeps (or is in time-out). Madisen has a volleyball theme blanket. She found her love for volleyball this year and played on the 7th grade girls volleyball team. She is VERY good and I can't wait to see where the sport will take her. Happy Christmas Eve and the kids will enjoy the warmth of the season even more with Grandma and Grandpa's hand-made blankets.
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