Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just Another Week:

And not too much going on. My little neice is turning 1 on the 26th. I got to meet her for the first time when I went to Arizona for her baptism. Apparently, she is a walker now. I wish I could be there to share the day. I will post again when I get another picture of her. This may be a crazy week at the school as it is a full-five-day-week. I'm sure that by Friday the kids will be crazy and I most definately will be ready for a weekend. Have a great day!!


Alaskagirl said...

I think you are right, Friday will be crazy! I don't have to spend the entire day with them though,so that is a plus. Thanks for taking care of me this week. I appreciate you and your friendship!
Love ya!

Bejel said...'s only Monday...the party was on Saturday, give me a couple of days to get over the fact that my baby is ALREADY one. Time sure did fly this year. Alaina is such a joy to her family. So smart and funny and a sweet disposition. At 17 pounds and not quite 26 inches tall she our little half-pint. Enjoy the pics that I DID finally send!! Love ya ang!