Wednesday, February 28, 2007

March is Here!!!!

I really enjoy March for a few reasons. Of course, being a bit Irish (maiden name McGinty), I like that we all celebrate a part of my heritage. I enjoy the build-up of St. Patricks Day, and relish in the wearing of GREEN. I love the pot o'gold thing and still smile when I think of finding one at the end of a rainbow. I enjoy the thought of little leprechauns (though a bit freaky as a child) causing mischief. I also like the myths of the Irish Fairies. On the 1st is my mother-in-law's birthday. Hopefully, Mom will get her card tomorrow. Also, I love the "Comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb". We have had some cold weather and snow in the last few weeks. I enjoy winter, but look forward to spring. I can't wait for the flowers to bloom, the GREEN grass, the birds singing, baby animals, flip-flops and sandals. Hmmmmm. Anyway, here is to March, one of my favorite months!!!!

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CandyandLadybugs said...

I love March too! But you know why, my Birthday!!!!!!!!! :) I like green too. It used to be my favorite color before I fell in love with red, periwinkle, and PINK!