Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy vs. Content?????

While looking at Oprah's website the other day, I came upon one of her upcoming shows. The title is something like, "Are You 100% Content in Your Life?". If you were going to respond, which I did, she wanted to know the difference in being "happy" and being "content". I pondered this for a while and came up with my answer. Being "happy" is a state of mind and can be a fleeting emotion. Being "content" is not wanting anything more than what you have. You are satisfied with every aspect of your life; spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. After I came to that conclusion, I started thinking about my own contentment. I have firm convictions in my religion, my core beliefs and values are in place. I have a good emotional state of mind (happy), well, most of the time. I have a great marriage (after 15 years we still "dig" each other, almost always). My children still like to hug me and will even kiss me upon request. I am not real thin, but I am healthy. I am not rich, but I most definately am not poor either. Except for our house, I love that we are debt-free. We live in a great neighborhood, have great neighbors and I really enjoy our home. Out of all the places we have lived, this is my favorite. I enjoy my jobs at the school and at the assisted living facility. They are both in my neighborhood and my children can see me at work anytime they want. I am more content now than ever before. Here is the downer side. In 2 weeks, Scott will be losing his job. With the buy-out of Albertson's, they are centralizing to Minnesota where SuperValu is located. Scott's job was replaced by someone else and he was not given a new posistion. We are not sure what that means for us, except that Scott will be unemployed for a while. We are all in limbo and that is so frustrating. There is a huge possibility that he will need to find employment outside of Idaho. Every move we have made has always been a stepping stone in a good direction, I'm really not feeling worried, yet. I look at moving as an adventure, but I know the kids are tired of it. I am so content here, and I would love for this to be the end of our path. I would like to be able to tell our children, "This is where we will call home for the rest of our lives." Unfortuneately, I can't. We need to be ready, willing and accepting of whatever God has planned for our family. It's not easy, but I do know this for sure: There are much, much worse things in life then having to move -again. Please keep us in your prayers. :)


CandyandLadybugs said...

I feel for you. Moving is hard. I did it a lot when I was growing up. That is one reason I don't want Joe to take positions anywhere else. That, and Boise is the "it" place to be for his company.

I hope and pray that you will be able to stay here. You're becoming a great friend, and I would hate to see you go.

Alaskagirl said...

I am so sorry to hear about the turmoil in your life. You are so strong...dealing with the situation way better than I would. I would hate so see you move, but I do understand!! I will keep you in my prayers and do know that this decision did not take God by surprise. He has a plan and we need to be open to what He is doing in and with our lives.

CandyandLadybugs said...

I know you're having a rough day. I'm so sorry about the bonus not coming until later. There are options that can take you until then without going into debt, or very little debt. I will be praying for you and Scott to get back on your feet. This is a temporary thing. God would not give you something if He didn't think you could handle it. Chin up my friend. If you need a shoulder, or just someone to talk to, call me or stop by. I'm here for you!

Anonymous said...

I am in search of my content to be balanced to accept and love who and where I am! For a long time I was confused and content felt like a settlement but I now know it is the ultimate prize. Nice Blog