Friday, March 2, 2007

Here's To My 2 Special Boys:

Morgan, Myself, Tyler These are the 2 special boys, both Kindergarteners, that I get to spend my work day with. I think I have the best job in the whole school. I have both the boys in the morning, mainstreamed into a regular class and both thriving. Morgan goes home after AM Kindergarten, and Tyler is there for the day. Both the boys have come so far since the start of the school-year. Morgan is speaking more and more as the year progresses and he is amazing with numbers. Tyler is just so dang cute, not only does he have me wrapped around his finger, but the whole school!! He gets milk every afternoon for Miss Coleman's PM class. He sees the ladies in the office to have a bit of "conversation time", and to ring Mrs. Henry's bell. They love it when he comes to visit. Tyler also gets to use the floor shiner machine with the custodian, he thinks that is so cool. The first time Morgan and Tyler were "Child of the Day" in Miss. Coleman's class, I was like the proud Momma and got all teared up. I love working with them and feel so blessed everyday I go to work. They are two little angels who look up to me, but in reality, I look up to them.

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Alaskagirl said...

Love this post and the pictures!! We are blessed to get to work with these little guys daily. I appreciate you and the work you do with them!