Sunday, March 18, 2007


For those of you that don't know what "Trek" is, Scott and I were asked to go as a "Ma and Pa". Starting in Evanston, Wyoming, we will be walking approx. 30 miles, over rough and rocky terrain and crossing 3 rivers in the course of 4 days. There will be about 350 people from Meridian going on this trek, ages 12 and over. From what I understand, this is an amazing thing to do. To walk just a small portion of what the Willie Handcart Co. pioneers did many years ago, is an eye-opening expierience. Many died and there are marked graves along the way. What an amazing thing to do and see, a once in a life-time opportunity. We are going in July, so in preperation for the walk, I got some new Merrells :) I wore them to work for a while yesturday, then for a walk today. I'm hoping to break-them-in before the big 30 mile walk. Apparently we are wearing the same clothing that pioneers wore, though I'm not wearing a bonnet. I will wear a straw hat of some sort!!! Scott and I will be helping about 8 youth (our "family") succeed in "Trek" as their "Ma and Pa". Each "family" will have a handcart to pull their supplies on. We will each have a 5-gallon bucket to put our personal items in, a sleeping bag, 3 tents (boys, girls, Ma/Pa), water, blankets, etc... I am looking forward to the adventure in my new Merrells, Scott and Makenah on the other had are not as convinced this will be a "good-time". Here's to TREK!!!

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