Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk:

Growing up in San Jose, Califonia, there are a few things I miss here in Idaho. I miss the beach, Santa Cruz in particular. I remember going up and around the winding Hwy 17 to Santa Cruz, about a 2 hour drive from where we lived. I never was a fan of swimming in the ocean, but I loved to play in the water. I loved the feel of the waves hitting my legs with the sand in-between my toes. I would go in the water about up to my waist, but I sure didn't like it much when the waves would knock me under. I really liked to chase the tide in and out. The coolest thing about Santa Cruz was the Boardwalk. I liked the Carousel because of the unusual "ring toss" game that you play while going around. There was a candy store with a taffy pulling machine in the window. I would watch in amazement and would wish I had one at my house, my little kid dream. My parents would usually get us kids a small bag of the taffy, YUMMMM!!! There were quite a few rides that I liked, but the other ride that stands out from when I was a kid was the Caveman Train. I guess they have updated it since I was there, but stayed true to the characters inside the cave :) The memories I have of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk are so fun. If we can get back to California in the summer, we will be going there for some great family fun as well!! I sure miss the smell of the ocean air, there is nothing like it.

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Alaskagirl said...

I have never been to a boardwalk. COme to think of it, I have only spent about 15 minutes at an ocean beach...only to say that's I've been to a beach. Lucky YOU!!