Tuesday, April 17, 2007


We are now the proud owners (almost) of a home around the Cincinnati (Milford)area. Scott was able to go through a few days ago and was pretty excited about it. I will have an opportunity to go through soon and am excited as well. I really like the look of this home!! It is a 4 bed/3.5 bath with 3 car garage and an unfinished basement. The yard is beautiful!! The great room is stunning with the wall of windows and the double sided fireplace :) The kitchen is not my favorite layout, but it too is beautiful with the fireplace and the wood floors. I really like the look of the backyard with the posistion of the deck. In the next few years we will finish (have finished), the basement with a full bath, bedroom, large pantry and media room. It was Scott's first day on the job and he seemed to like the work. He spent about 12 hours training and learned quite a bit, though tomorrow he is hoping for more hands on. All is well on the home-front. Dalton has his first game of the season tomorrow and is pretty excited. Madisen continues to spend huge amounts of time getting ready for her Idaho History Bee coming up in May. Makenah continues to do very well in school and loves their "no homework" policy, I have to admit, so do I!! We all miss Scott and I keep telling myself it is just a temporary thing, I am so blessed, we all are!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi the new house and am showing it off to Michelle, Seath, Linda, etc. You will come by and see us before you leave for the wilds of Cincinnati. Hopefully, Fath is leaving for Grace today, but you know her. Artie

CandyandLadybugs said...

Wow! That is a great house. It is so beautiful! I'm envious. :) I'm glad this move it going so smoothly. I will pray that is continues to go so smoothly.

bloomswheresplanted said...

Hey Artie,
i'm glad you stopped by and i will be visiting The Cottages soon. I miss seeing everyone. Have a super day and don't poke yourself on your cross-stiching -I think your fingers get enough of that poking thing. :)

Alaskagirl said...

Love the house! I hope there is a guest room, so when I visit and see a show, I'll have a place to crash!