Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

We had a great Memorial Day weekend in Thayne, Wyoming. One of God's greatest spots that is unknown to most, but breathtaking to those that have witnessed the beauty. I'm telling you, just click on the above photos and see for yourself. Scott's parents live in this area of Star Valley Ranch, and we had to have one last visit before our "BIG" move. We left for Thayne first thing Saturday morning and arrived in the afternoon. The kids spent most of the rest of Saturday in the trees and playing outside. Sunday morning we were off to church and back home for a wonderful meal. Madisen and Dalton had a great time playing on the slip-n-slide and climbing those trees again. We went for a nice walk towards the entrance of Snow Creek Canyon were we saw 3 deer cross our path. It was a nice, relaxing day of no house cleaning or stress. Monday morning we went to the local cemetary where they were having a Memorial Day service. There was a prayer offered, a few songs sung and a 5 gun salute. The kids had never walked around a cemetary, so it was interesting to me how they responded. They were curious as to why there were so many children and babies that had passed away. They took interest to the names and dates of those that had passed on. It was a good expierience for them and gave them a better understanding of why we have Memorial Day. We left on Monday, shortly after lunch and headed for home. I just had to stop and get a picture of the DAM STORE. (FYI, the Santa Head is up year-round) Just past the Palisades Dam, I giggle at the name of the store every time I drive by. The girls ran in for some gum, and I got the shot for the scrapbook. We had a great trip, just a small dose of what's to come in the next few weeks. I'm greatful to live in such a great nation, to have the freedoms that we enjoy and for those that are serving on our behalf. I'm greatful for the opportunity I had to share with my children and with Scott's parents, this special Memorial Day. Though we don't go often, I will miss our visits to Thayne!!

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little miss shortcake said...

The DAM store is so funny - there was one of those in our favorite CA vacation spots and it gets me every time.