Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Harry C. Jr!!

I had the pleasure of attending a GREAT concert last night!! One last fling before the "permenant" road trip. "A.C" and I had so much fun, first grabbing a bite to eat at McD. The concert was like watching a "jam" session, just having a great time up there on his piano and with the band. The stage was set as if the boys were playing on the streets of New Orleans, with street lamps lit, a back drop of an artistic appartment, the lighting was amazing, but the music- oh, the music. (Can I just say he is very easy on the eyes too) I never new much about Harry C's music until just a few months ago. I enjoyed it, but never went out of my way to listen unless it was on the radio or while watching a movie. So, thank you "A.C." for opening my eyes to his music, and a nice evening.


Alaskagirl said...

Just remember that he said he loved me!! What a fun memory. Thanks friend!

bloomswheresplanted said...

Yeah, but a girl can still look in admiration, hmmmmm :)