Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is the picture we took of the storm in Kansas. You would think I would have known better than to keep driving. You can't tell by the picture, but the sky is quite green. (Living in Minnesota, that's code for TORDADO alert!!) MM was freeeaking out about me driving through. She asked me to pull over at the rest stop we passed. I looked around, saw the other cars driving on, and I too made the stupid mistake. The rain started, then I could hardly see the rain was coming so fast. The hail began to hit just as we came to an under-pass. I couldn't get the van all the way under as there were cars lined up already. I made my way to the front of the line as close to under as I could and just listened to the pounding. MM was screaming, Madisen and Dalton were on the floor of the car. I grabbed all of our pillows and put them up on the dash to muffle the sound and protect ourselves in case the glass broke. I had Scott on the phone the whole time and he could hear the pounding. I was a bit nervous, but I felt bad that MM was so afraid. I had a hard time getting the car started, but with much prayer, we finally were on the road again. Crazy, and yes, my car has some small welts, but I'm greatful it was not worse. Speaking of storms, it has rained everyday since we got here. Apparently, it's very humid most of the day, then it will just start raining. I feel like I'm in a tropical rain forrest. Today was very productive. I enrolled the kids in school and I finally got our room unpacked and the closet organized. Three rooms to go!! Tomorrow my new furniture arrives, I CAN'T wait!! I will post pictures of what we bought, but all I can say is WOW!! We are going from hardly any cupboard space in the kitchen to a lot of cupboard space. Scott also bought a 42" plasma TV to hang on the wall. That will be installed on Monday :) It's been a week, and we are doing great unloading the boxes.


CandyandLadybugs said...

Wow! I'm glad you made it through that storm! YIKES!

I'm glad you're doing so well in your new place. And that the unpacking it going well.

Yeah on the new furniture and TV! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela! I'm still waiting to have all the photo's posted. Mom and Dad told me about the awful storm ya'll were in. How scary! I'm very glad that ya'll are ok. Scott just called to say happy b-day and told me about the new furniture but, not the tv! How fun for ya'll! I hope we can come visit you this fall. Have a great weekend and enjoy that house!


bloomswheresplanted said...

I'm waiting for the TV to be intalled on Monday and Makenah's dresser to be delivered on Tuesday. Then I will post all of the new furniture pics :) I'm glad you stopped by Steph and I hope you had a great birthday!! I would love to see you in the fall :)

Alaskagirl said...

Hey! I can't wait to see your new furniture. It will be fun to watch movies on the big screen...someday. Glad to hear the your day was productive!