Saturday, October 6, 2007


Living on these country, back-wood, Ohio roads, we play this game everytime we get in the car. There is SO much road kill here it's crazy!! A few weeks ago while going down the freeway, there was a deer that must have been hit by a semi, then drug down the road for a ways -it was a disgusting sight. Anyway, it seems as though I am always the last in the game and the kids will laugh when I say, "I jumped over it and you (eight) ate it." Can't we play the license plate game or slugbug?


little miss shortcake said...

So TRUE! We couldn't believe the amount of roadkill when we moved here! We play Roadkill Bingo.
Once, I even saw a lemur. That is, until Darren pointed out it was probably a cat.

Bejel said...

I can't say there is always lots to do here in PHX, but I'm pretty sure we don't play raod kill games! I guess I would always be the one who 'eight' it too, because I don't know how to play!!

I will send you some NRG for your B-day...oh and I will do a post about Scentsy for you on my blog...even though you are the only one who reads my blog :(