Friday, November 2, 2007

Shaw Farms 2007:

I am finally getting up our pictures from Shaw Farm. We had a fun afternoon there a few weekends ago. Madisen was so excited to see the National Cupstacker Champion there as that seems to be her latest asperation (she has had her cups now for over a year). We did the corn maze and all got a small, free pumpkin for having our punch cards filled. There were quite a few animals, some fiddlers, a small store and LOTS of pumpkins. They also had all these fun displays for little ones to climb on, or just to look at. There was a beekeeper with a beefarm to display that was also very interesting. We all went on the hayride that had some fun things to look at too. We left with 5 large pumpkins to carve and our small free little pumpkins. It was a fun time.


little miss shortcake said...

ok, now i REALLY wish we would have just went there instead of dirty burger farm!
we went with playgroup, but the cornmaze wasn't going on the weekdays.
and darren will upset that we missed the cupstacker!

CandyandLadybugs said...

That sounds fun! :) :) :) :)