Friday, November 9, 2007


So on top of all my day to day operations and my part-time (seems like full-time)job, it's been an exhausting week, emotionally too I might add. On our way to Makenah's YW in Excellence, we got a flat tire. Lucky thing Scott was with in the car, I would not have wanted to change a tire in the dark on the freeway. I also had the pleasure of working two shifts of the book fair at the school, found lots of fun books for my future class :) I picked up Dalton from school yesturday and he had a full blown ear infection, crying big old honkin alligator tears. Instead of rushing to pick up my tire, I had to rush him to the doctor. We made it with 5 minutes to spare!! He is now on antibiotics and is doing fine. I came in to work this morning and have 3 new long term expulsions to work with. They won't get out of the Alt. School until the middle of January. I get the job of making sure they stay on task and get their work done so they can graduate. The other thing that was just a huge emotional challenge with all of us, our boss's daughter was raped early Thursday morning. She is a student at the UC, has epilepsy and lives on campus. When she goes into her seizures, if she is sleeping, she sleepwalks and ends up in all sorts of places. Anyway, this has happened to her multiple times (getting out in the night, only to be found raped). How heartwrentching it has been on her family. This story made the NEWS, and though it has not come out yet, this man has tested HIV possitive. She will be in the hospital all weekend going through extensive viral medication therapy. Please keep her in your prayers. I'm glad it's Friday and I am so grateful for healthy children!! Have a wonderful weekend!! We are having back to back movie nights with the girls :)


CandyandLadybugs said...

That is horrible! I hope she can get some help and doesn't get HIV. How is Dalton? Is he okay? I hope this coming week is easier for you. :) We had a long week too. Confrence week is LOOOONNNNNNGGGG!!

little miss shortcake said...

earaches must be going around right now!
that is so SAD and SCARY about that girl!

bejel said...

It was a long week here too...I had so many kids out sick in my daycare!! I think it's horrible that anyone would think it would be a good idea to take advantage of another person like that. I think rape is one of the most disgusting crimes...just one person overpowering and hurting another because they can and for some reason because they want to. I pray for her ongoing safety and for peace for her family and justice for the sick 'truck' as Ellie would say!