Sunday, December 2, 2007

Have YOU seen the toothfairy??

Have you seen the toothfairy lately? She is about 6 weeks overdue at my house. So all of you that think you are bad parents, forgetting for a FEW nights -Madisen lost a tooth six weeks ago, and has since lost 2 more!! You need not feel bad about forgetting anymore because I now hold the record for tooth fairy forgetfulness. In honor of that, I wrote a poem: (oh, and BTW, Scott's stone passed in a few hours and my birthday was WONDERFUL afterall!!) Okay, now the feature presentation: The tooth fair's late, though I don't know why, Mom says she's busy but good golly, 6 weeks have gone by. First it was one tooth, then two and three. Where has she been? She's forgotten about me. Maybe she's old, like about 38, That's the only reason she would be this late. It could be that she wants to wait till I'm 80, Of course by then I'll be an old lady. She can pick up all of my teeth in one trip, By then I'll have dentures and get a big tip. I really hope she shows up soon, Taking my teeth by the light of the moon. Tomorrow, under my pillow I'll see A ten dollar bill waiting there just for me.


CandyandLadybugs said...

6 weeks! hehe! The tooth fairy forgot here one weekend. I told the girls it was because it was too windy for the toothfairy to fly in. hehe! :)

Great poem! You need to keep that one for her scrapbook. :)

BTW, some of your white elephant gift from the staff party last year made it back to this party. hehe! :)

Alaskagirl said...

Great Poem! Well the Tooth Fairy has been a little busy I hear. I'm glad that Scott is feeling better. Glad to hear that your gift from last year is being put to good use! : )

Anne's Little Life said...

Blame it on the gas prices. The eco-friendly tooth fairy decided to make just one trip to pick up all the teeth to help save the environment. She's quite a gal!

bejel said...

a ten dollar bill!! That is worth waiting for...back in our day 3 teeth would only have been .75 and it wouldn't matter if we had to wait forever! Inflation is everywhere :)