Friday, February 15, 2008

My Hard Drive is WHAT??

My new Toshiba laptop that I do ALL of my schoolwork on CRASHED today. Yes, it has been a TGIF kind of a day. My McAfee trial period was over and I was getting a bit nervous about not having any protection, so I headed to the bookstore at school, things seem to be a bit cheaper there (except for books). Anyway, after installing the software, my computer started acting a bit odd. Of course, being inspired to save all my documents on my little thumb drive, I chose NOT to follow that little prompt. This morning, after 5 hours of much frustration, I took it to Office Depot were my frustraion just grew. I came home, called Toshiba and they thought it would be better if I took it to a computer place to have it looked at and a backup disk made before trying to reset everything. Off to Micro Center Scott and I went. They were able to make a disk, relief!! My mid-term is on there and I have spent so many hours on it. Anyway, the tech said my hard drive is failing and Toshiba should replace the computer. Do you think they will replace it with one of these?? While we were there, the sales guy sold us on a MAC. We dicided that when our new computers go, that's what we will be getting. I never realized how a MAC worked, I'm hooked. For now, my Toshiba will be GREAT, that is when it's working again. Have a great weekend!!


little miss shortcake said...

we have a mac and we LOVE it!

Cari said...

EWW so lucky you got that back up. Nothing like a little stress and panic eh? I hope you get your new computer soon.