Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The pajamas inside/out, backwards along with flushing the ice and the spoon under the pillow did the trick!! (see previous post) We had our snow day :) Of course, I am an unbeliever because not trying those tactics myself, the UC was NOT closed. After getting gas and driving 25 minutes in the mess, notes in hand -no instructor! L-O-O-SER! He was a no-show. At least he could have emailed us and told us HE was not having class. Oh, well. I made good use of my time since I was passing a Kroger anyway, and did some grocery shopping, (see previous, previous post). Madisen was the only one who got dressed today. The snow that fell wasn't even good to play in. It turned to mush by mid-morning and just rained mush all day. YUCK. P.S. What I learned today... Never drive in the slushy mushy mess with your cruise control on!


CandyandLadybugs said...

I'm glad the kids had a snow day. :) Too bad your instructor couldn't have let you know s/he wasn't going to be there today! The nerve!

Anne's Little Life said...

Snow days are a lot easier to come by here than a lot of places....I never took into account that people were using homespun trickery to bring them about.