Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow Day Rituals?

This is such a great picture, but look how it LIES to the viewer. Those kids have no gloves, snowboots and they are all smiling. If my kids look like that when they go out, they would be whiny and crying in seconds flat. So the forcast for tomorrow says it will snow quite a bit tonight. The kids have been told this a number of times, and so far just a few delays. The students and teachers have resorted to using tactic operations of the East, something foreign to me. This is how it works: (the most used are the first 1-3, my kids included) So you want a snow day? Follow these rituals and your sure to get one! 1. spoon under pillow and matress. 2. pjs inside out and backwards 3. through a icecube behind you and down the toilet 4. throw icecubes at a tree 5. and throw a paper cup out a window 6. Snow dances and chants 7. Hang discoballs from your window 8. put 12 orange index cards on the hood of your car. 9. through three icecubes out your window 10. put a orange in your freezer We'll see if it works! Today was very productive for me. I am just starting a very L.O.N.G.G.G.G mid-term, but not having to work today sure was helpful! It was so quiet in the house. A whole day with no kids, hmmmmm. I think the first few weeks are going to be nice, but I can see I'm going to need to make a schedule. I have a ton of things to do, but with it SO quiet, weird because knowing I have lots to do, I sit and twiddle my thumbs with "what to do first". After all these years of being home with the kids and working outside the home for the last few, it's strange to have the house SO quiet. I'm not saying I do or that I am, but it almost makes me want to get a puppy, something small that would pitter patter on the hardwood floor. I'm sure it would end up just piddeling on the floor, so maybe I will just turn on some music for a little noise. Of course the kids have their pajamas on inside out and backwards, so tomorrow will be a snow day. I will have LOTS of noise to enjoy and hot chocolate to make. :)


CandyandLadybugs said...

Good luck on your snow day! :)

Have fun with a quiet house. You'll get used to it and get a lot of homework done. :)

Miss you!

little miss shortcake said...

what is that word you keep using? "Quiet"? i'm not sure of the meaning...

haha - the word "noise" is in my word verification!

Alaskagirl said...

Good luck on getting your snow day! We have yet to have one here. We have had a ton of snow, but alas no snow days. Have fun enjoying your quiet home. Turn some music on!