Monday, April 28, 2008

CONTEST...... is over!!!!!

I've never done a contest before, but here it goes. I am giving away a Scentsy System, which includes one Scentsy warmer and 3 Scentsy bars of YOUR CHOICE!! Go to My Scentsy website and check out the current catalog. Come back to my blog and leave a comment to let me know which warmer and 3 scents you would like. If you are not a blogger, leave me your email along with your comment so I can contact you. If you don't know what a Scentsy warmer is, you will be amazed!! Better than any Yankee candle and a much safer alternative. Our warmers house a 25 watt lightbulb to gently warm your soft Scentsy wax. There are over 40 different warmers to choose from and over 80 different scents. I leave my warmer on 24/7 for smell during the day, and a night light in the dark. I can only ship to the Continnental US. My daughter will choose the winner next Monday evening (5/5/2008), and please only enter one time, she is a very indecisive teenager. With shipping and tax, this prize is valued at $50. p.s. Invite a friend to enter so that if you don't win, she may, then you can live vicariously through her. :) :) Good luck and let the contest begin!!


1 Crafty Gal said...

Ohhh, what great blog candy!

I love the Terra Cotta warmer and the 3 sents I would pick would be Clean Breeze, Coconut Lemongrass and Vanilla Cream!

Thanks for posting your contest on Cincymoms!

brothhaas said...

I saw your contest on Cincymoms and I love candles!!

I love the Sandstone warmer and he 3 scents I would choose would be Home Sweet Home, Lemon Lavender, and pumpkin roll.


girlymom4 said...

Yay! I would love to win one of these!! My house smells like kid all the time, so this would be awesome!!!

I LOVE the Brownstone warmer and the 3 scents would be cinnamon vanilla, maui mist and sweat pea & vanilla.

I will post this on my blog for you too!!!

kami said...

YEY - pick me , pick me!!!!
Lovin Coconut Lemongrass, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Lemon Lavender!

Tara said...

OMGoodness, so many choices! I had never heard of Scentsy until Chanin posted on our ModMamas site about your contest and I'm so glad she did! I love the warmers - so many great designs but I think I like the classic green or cream. Some of the scents that sounded tempting are Skinny Dippin', Meltaway Melon, and Summer Sippin'. Thanks for the opportunity to win :) Also, be sure to check out the newest online community in Cincinnati - ModMamas! Great contests, socializing, networking opportunities and community involvement. Thanks again!

mommytimesthree said...

I found your contest on!
I would love to have the Brownstone warmer and lilacs and violets, home sweet home and clean breeze scents.
I have never heard of these candles. Thanks for the chance, how very gracious of you!

i will bloom... said...

Angela, not computer savvy enough to respond on your blog, but please include me in your contest.

I love the 2 warmers I already have and so does Paul (he forgave me for spending so much at the Spring Shopping Fling). I’d have them in every room of my house if I could, one of the two I purchased at the Spring Shopping Fling was supposed to go to the boys bathroom, but it found its way into the living room instead!!! Still stinks upstairs!!!

My favorite is the Shabby Chic with Sugar, Verbena Berry and Summer Sippin’ (gotta have some of the Lemon scents to please Paul). Here’s hoping I win!!!

Susie Saunders

Anonymous said...

What a neat concept! I've never heard of Scentsy before! I saw your contest ad on cincymoms... I like the dragonfly warmer and the three scents are: cinnamon-vanilla, sage/sweetgrass and bamboo-pear. I have three young kids and this is a great way to not burn ones hands if they decide to touch! thanks for posting this!
Ann aka busymom2

Anonymous said...

I saw your posting on CincyMoms. My kids are napping and I'm hanging out on the computer. I liked the Scentsy Green Warmer w/Blueberry Cheesecake, Baked Apple Pie, and Sugar Cookie. My email is

mjenningsdesigns said...

I am going to have to do some Christmas shopping this year with you :-)
I love the Satin Black Warmer and the three scents I would like are: Cinnamon Bear, Cinnamon Vanilla and White Tea and Catctus. Thanks for the contest. I am running one for my birthday Starting May 2nd and drawing the winner on May 22nd (my 35th bday!) Melissa


Anonymous said...

I saw your post on CincyMoms. I really liked the Brownstone warmer and would like to try the Welcome Home, Lilacs and Violets and the Clean Breeze scents. This looks like a great alternative to candles. Thanks,Lisa

i will bloom... said...

Hello! I would like to enter your contest! This is really cool, and I really enjoyed looking at your catalog.

I picked the following:

Grapevine Warmer - Because my kitchen is done in this theme and it would
look soooooooooooooo good. :-)

Clean Breeze - Because nothing smells better then clean laundry
Autumn Sunset - Will remind me of the fall holidays
Welcome Home - I love the smell of spices

Have a great day!

Alaskagirl said...

Wow Ang! You are full of good ideas. I would love the raised dot turquoise (for my new bathroom) with orange dreamsicle, coconut lemongrass, and grapefruit pomeganate.

I will be having a party next week and sending the orders in at the end of the week so we can get everything ordered before the end of school. I will call you sometime in the week to touch base.

Love ya,

CandyandLadybugs said...

Great idea Angela! :) :) :)

I'd like Shabby Chic for the girls' bedroom, black raspberry Vanilla, French Kiss, Flitatious

candlesgc said...

I love the sandstone warmer - and the 3 scents would have to be - clove and cinnamon, skinny dippin, and lucky in love! PICK ME!

GarfieldGirl said...

Saw the contest on my sisters' blog, i love warmers, so i'm entering the contest.

I pick the Americana warmer, it is awesome and it matches the theme to our living room.

For the scents; that was tough so many good ones: I choose Cinnamon Vanilla, Lavender Vanilla & Spiced Orange harvest.

My email:

Nissa said...

I've never heard of Scentsy before! I'd lobve to win the Sonata warmer with Coconut Lemongrass fragrance, Bamboo Pear, and Vanilla cream.

Thanks for a great giveaway!

Dinah said...

I recently heard of this company and my friend is actually going to sign up and sell which is exciting!

I like the Luminous warmer
I like the scents Clean Breeze, Sugar Cookie and Blueberry Cheesecake

Now I'm hungry and want to do

Dinah Seifert

cmill20 said...

Hi! I saw your contest on ModMamas. I love the Dragonfly warmer and if I win surprise me with the scents!

Corie from ModMamas.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about this...I love candles, but with 3 boys (4yo and twin 6mth olds) I don't burn them as much worrying that someone will get burned or fall over. These are great and I will be checking this out more tonite as far as becoming a consultant...but as for the contest I love the Plum warmer and the 3 scents: Clean Breeze, Black Raspberry Vanilla & Lavendar Vanilla. Thanks again for the contest and hope I win :)


i will bloom... said...

Hey Angela -
I LOVE candles!!!!!! Your site it awesome!! I have never heard of scentsy, but I hope I win. I am anxious to see what they are like so I can order a bunch!!
It was really hard to decide which ones I wanted cause I want them all!! But, I finally picked Shabby Chic warmer
Sweetpea & Vanilla, Lots of Lavender, & Coming Home scents.

Thank you sooo much I can't wait.

Please-make-it-my-lucky-day:) said...

Love your site & the products look addicting! I will SMILE all day long if I win & you make me the new owner of the Punched Tin warmer & Grove&Clove, Clean Breeze, & White Tea&Cactus scents. Thanks for the contest - very nice of you!!!

:) :) :) -Amanda

Cari said...

Looks like you had a lot of success Angela! Way to go!