Saturday, April 26, 2008

On the Road again...

Well, after a very long day I am in South Bend, Indiana. Why am I here you ask? (go ahead, ask) Okay, I knew you wanted to know. I'll get to that in a minute. The things a mother must do before going alone on an overnight trip. This time it included making Makenah's sugar cookies for her Home Ec. class (I know, she should have made them herself -but I caved in to the pressure and made them for her). I also hemmed two more Gi(s) (yeah, for the Dojo Karate classes that our whole family is taking now, cuz we still were not busy enough, and more on that later). Anyway, then I had to run a few errands like getting a new lawn mower wheel that broke off. Okay, then I finally got on the road about 3:30 ish. I got to my hotel about 8:30 ish and was put in a room that was not clean (I had to go so bad I didn't even notice the messy room until I used the restroom (GROSS!!)so 45 minutes later I finally am settled in a clean (different) room, with 2 fresh pillow cases that I put on myself (I don't EVER trust the pillowcases to be clean). Now, a part of me wishes I were here doing the tourism thing, like seeing the Turkey Creek Alpacas, or the South Bend Chocolate Company, or the Amish Acres, or the College Football HOF, or a whole list of other touristy places. Instead, I'm doing homework in the hotel because I have 3 tests on Tuesday(well I was studying until my eyes became too blurry so I decided to blog (priorities)) So I am here by myself because I have a Scentsy Seminar tomorrow. I am looking forward to it, and I even have a few gals from my team that are driving up (all 4 1/2 hours) in the morning. Our Seminar goes till 3 PM, then we will drive home. I can't imagine driving that many hours in the morning, then spending the day in classes and driving all the way back on the same day. Can you say ZOMBIE? That is dedication and my Scentsy team has it!! Have a wonderful weekend :)


little miss shortcake said...

what a dedicated student to be studying in your hotel room!
yuck for the dirty room - my mom actually brings her own sheet sets when she stays in hotels.

Alaskagirl said...

Wow, a Sentsy Seminar. What kinds of things do you learn there? It sounds like it is really growing. Way to Go, Idaho...oh wait, you are in Ohio. I don't know what would rhyme with that. HUM...Oh well! : )