Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my mom's birthday!! I just want to tell her how much she is loved and I wish we could all spend the day in California with her. I hope she is having a wonderful day and I will be calling her shortly. Some things I appriciate in my mom: She has been through a lot of adversity and I have witnessed her strength. She helps me put things in perspective. She is positive and uplifting. She is patient and kind. She can criticize without being judgemental. She seeks out the positive things around her and recognizes her blessings. She is full of compassion and empathy towards others. She is dedicated to Christ-like service. She is BEAUTIFUL and graceful. She enjoys the simplicity of life. She gives value to EVERY living thing. She has 4 children (I am the caboose) and that's a LOT of diapers, bottles, sleeples nights and sacrifice. She loves her children unconditionally, all the time, no matter what. Other things said about my mom (Granny): Dalton says, "She is nice. She is fun to be around. I like to have her come for a visit." Madisen says, "I like Granny because she is like my mom: kind, caring, sweet, nice and she sends me letters (not often enough though :) ) Makenah says, "She's K.E.W.L!" Scott says, "Happy Birthday!" Happy Birthday MOM, We love you!!


little miss shortcake said...

happy birthday mom!
what a lovely tribute!

Alaskagirl said...

What a nice tribute to your Mom! Sounds like a neat lady.

Anne's Little Life said...

Yeah for moms!

mjenningsdesigns said...

Hi! Wanted to check out your blog. Hope you had fun at the MOPS Crop! What an awesome post for your Mom!