Friday, April 4, 2008

Tagged... X2

Okay, the first tag came from strawberryland. I am supposed to come up with 5 of my favorites. I'm going to do like her and list tangible items, so here goes: 1. The TV in my kitchen The way our house is designed, the kitchen is somewhat secluded from the family room (we have a huge double fireplace that stands between the two). Anyway, it is so nice to be able to watch the news, or cooking shows, or whatever else I want when I am cleaning up, or cooking. It has come in handy when we have had company over and wanted to watch the game, having the game on in both rooms. When we moved in, I had the Dish guy install the wire through the basement floor into the kitchen. I'm so glad I did that! 2. Cereal. I'm not sure what it is with cereal, but our family would be SO lost without it. When I buy cereal, I wait for a great sale then use my coupons to boost the sale. I N.E.V.E.R. pay more than $1.50 a box for name brand cereal. I don't do store brand cereal, I can taste the difference. There is only about 1/2 of our cereal supply in this picture. I remember when Makenah was in 2nd grade and Scott had just lost his job (financially we were fine, just trying to use up what we had in case there was a move, which there was). Anyway, Makenah asked with all seriousness if we were poor becuase we were down to about 8 boxes of cereal. We call sugar cereal "Saturday cereal", mostly because when the kids were little I didn't want them to have it before school. The kids and I will have a bowl in the morning, and then when they get home, they might have another small bowl for a snack. Once in a great while, we have a bowl for dinner, lazy I know. I have a cereal obsession (usually having no less than 30 boxes at any given time) and if anything ever happened, you could all come over and eat dry cereal with us! 3. Vitamins and supplements! Yep, I'm a vitamin junkie. (With all the cereal I better be!) The big one is a chewable Vitamin C (for extra germ immunity), 2 calcium vitamins (bone health), 1 D-vitamin (to help with the calcium absorbtion), 1 vitamin E (for my joints, which keep popping so I'm thinkig about doubling), 1 fish oil vitamin (fish oil is excellent for you and your memory!) and 1 red wine extract supplement (also for immunity), and one of the mose important for me, 1 Super B-Complex (for stress!). I should have an iron supplement as well, but I just haven't gotten around to getting that one yet. I am a firm believer that unless you are eating mountains of food, you are not getting enough vitamins. It is true I could just take one multi-vitamin and call it a day, but I like to have more control of my supplements. 4. My new treadmill (aka, Hampster wheel) Yep, with all that cereal I better have a good treadmill. It really isn't new, I just got it off Craigslist for a GREAT price. I used to have a treadmill and I really liked it, but I loved walking outside when we lived in Idaho. Since moving here, I don't like walking outside much. It rains quite a bit here, it snows, its humid and there are lots of bugs, all great reasons to just run on the hampster wheel indoors while watching American Idol. 5. My Canon Rebel xti Scott and I bought this camera right before I took the kids on our long extended (going on a year now) road trip (I'm still in denial that we really moved here). Anyway, it was a bit pricey, but if you are into having some GREAT shots (and I am) this was the camera for us. I love the lens options, and though not a point and shoot, it really is a point and shoot. One of these days I will sit down and figure out what all the little buttons are for. I would also really like to get the PhotoShop program to go with my great camera. Maybe for Christmas. Okay, so I will tag Tiffany and Bejel (maybe this will give you a push to update your blog). Give us your fave 5! Tag #2 came from my blog friend "whatswithallthepink" and these are the rules: Here are the rules 1) Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog 2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. 3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. 4) Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. So the first 5 are above (for time sake, and my math grade, I need to combine) 6. I was a dance teacher (a long, long time ago). 7. One of my most favorite feelings is when it is a bit chilly ouside and I get into my sun-warmed car. I don't know what it is about that feeling (not like the Arizona sun-warmed car, OUCH) but I really enjoy it. Scott kind of laughs about that. It's so simple, and yet brings joy to my soul. I don't know about 7 people. Hmmm. I'm going to do 6 since I just did 2 before. 1. Life, Love and Livingston's 2. five sides of the box 3. Hutch Bunch 4. The Hokanson's 5. twincredibles! 6. cowgirl roots


tiffyinajiffy said...

Looks like my camera question has been answered! It is a nice one just as I suspected! Okay, I am scratching my head about this whole tagging thing. I'll try to figure it out though!

little miss shortcake said...

holy cow! i clicked on your link for dance teacher and i totally thought it was just some pic of a model you found on the internet! how awesome are you - you should give ballet lessons for the little girls in our ward... y'know, since you have so much time on your hands ;)

i LOVE LOVE cereal too and before i got married, my mom always kept a big selection for me & my dad to choose from.

my SIL sells juice plus+ vitamins - you should check them out.

Hopes and Dreams... said...

I jumped from blog to blog when I was trying to figure out how to set this blog up. I love yours! One day I will figure out how to make it so cute. But right now my brain may explode. One thing at a time.

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Hopes and Dreams... said...

Oh! My website for Juice Plus+ is Sorry, I left that part out.