Wednesday, April 2, 2008


In honor of Madisen's class pet that she was able to bring home for the second time (Christmas and Spring breaks), I have put a pet hampster on my blog. The first time she brought Alex home, it was a planned visit. The visit over Spring break however, was a different story. This is how I was suckered in: Madisen (The night before the start of Spring break): "Hey Mom, how would you like to have Alex come visit again over Spring break." Me: "UUUMMM, I think you had your turn. There are 3 5th grade classes that share the class pet, right?" Madisen: "Yeah, but when Mrs.-- asked if anyone would like to take Alex home over the holiday, nobody volunteered. So Mrs. -- said I was welcome to take Alex home again if I wanted, because I told her I probably could." Me: "I'm not really wanting you to bring him home again." Madisen: "Well, it's kind of too late because Spring break starts tomorrow after school, and I already told Mrs. -- that she could just plan on me doing it unless I told her otherwise. She is planning on me bringing him home now." Me: "Oh, I see. We are so lucky to have Alex AGAIN!! Out of 100 5th graders, you manage to get him over BOTH long holidays." Madisen: "I know, I'm just lucky like that." I have not forgotten about my tags, I'm still working on them (along with my Math)!


Cari said...

Funny, I always get suckered into that too. I think it was 5th grade as well for the same teacher. No one volunteered. 4th grade they had to have a raffle so it would be fair, what happens in a year.

CandyandLadybugs said...

What a cutie! A hamster? That would be fun in our room. Except we have a student who throws things. He threw a puppy right before spring break. YIKES! Okay, maybe not.

I sure love your pictures. I'm coveting your camera!

tiffyinajiffy said...

Hi Angie! Wow, your blog is super advanced, good job! We'll be going to the Anchorage area, it doesn't get too incredibly cold there...I is by the bay so it will be beautiful! :)

little miss shortcake said...

yes, the pics are great - i'm totally having some camera envy, too.

but blech - a hamster! i don't like pets - especially teeny tiny ones. they really just freak me out.

tiffyinajiffy said...

That is such a cute story about the hampster, BTW. I love kids & their cute sneaky ways! You must have a really nice camera, the clarity in your pictures is amazing. Was it expensive?