Friday, May 30, 2008

TGIF Pics!

The men in my life have been busy playing baseball. Scott has been one of the assistant coaches and I was finally able to catch a game. Dalton has really improved this year on catching. I'm not sure why he has struggled with this, but he was a bit afraid of the ball coming at him. He did get hit the other night and found there was a prize for getting HIT with the ball -he got to walk and thought that was cool. When they say "walk" he is SO literal, and he walks (it's like a slow motion picture). Scott and I have decided that if Dalton really wants something, he can hurry like there is no tomorrow (like trying to always get the front seat, being first in and out of a door, it's a race). If he sees no reason to hurry, then he doesn't (like coming in from the outfield, he is ALWAYS the last one in). I like watching the improvements he has made this year though. How is it that my Cannon Rebel XTi knows to fade the chain link that is in front of Scott? OH, because it is an amazing camera! How is it that my Cannon Rebel XTi knows to fade the kid in the background? OH, because it is an AMAZING camera! And THIS in my AMAZING kid!!


mjenningsdesigns said...

Looks like a fun girls day out :-)

Cari said...

What darn cute pictures. And a darn cute kid.

tiffyinajiffy said...

Haha...yeah..we were going to go to Montana but we changed our minds yet again! I love that picture of Dalton with the faded kid in the background. It's sooo cute!

meagan said...

Hahaha that is soo funny about how he walks to first when he gets hit by the ball! That is totally me. Why hurry if I don't have to? As for your camera, I am jealous. I might have Adobe Photoshop CS3, but my camera is definitely no Canon Rebel XTi. I like my Kodak because its easy to use and has a nice optical zoom, but I would love an "amazing" Canon! :) For the wedding I photographed I borrowed a digital Sony that I discovered is priced at about $999.
Ouch! I will have to stick with mine for now!