Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Randomness:

So, some randomness from the week: Last weekend, among all the other "happenings" and after I mowed the lawn, Scott came home from work in pain from what might be a kidney stone -that makes 5 since moving here!! Madisen had her movie night and the kids were already here with parents all over the valley unable to pick up children in a timely manner. Thank goodness for nice, "Wisteria Lane" type neighbors because my neighbor came over to hang out with all these girls while I took Scott to the E.R. for some help and pain pills! Apparently, this is the same one he has been trying to pass now for about a week, as it moves towards the bladder, he can feel it (PAIN!!), as long as it is still, he feels nothing. Dalton has been having some great baseball games. He has two buddies that are on a different team and they have been bragging about how their team is better. Dalton's team played theirs and Dalton's team won with 12-10. Oh how he had bragging rights the next day at school. He also ended up with some childhood disease called "fifths disease". It is going around the school like crazy and until they break out in a rash, you don't even know it's there. They are only contagious before the rash, so go figure. Anyway, he is a bit itchy and he looks like he has poison ivy or something. I guess stress, sunlight, and heat aggitate it. Well, with his anxiety issues the poor guy is pretty rashy and this lasts about 5 weeks. GRRRR! School for the kids only has 9 more days. I love, love, love being the summer entertainment committee. :/ Scott and I have officially become parents this week. Yup, (and I know some of you will argue with me on this) I decided until you have teenage issues, you are still just playing house. Without broadcasting the issues, Makenah has forced us to really have to think about how we parent the teenage human. It has been a bit of an emotional parenting week with both the girls, but we made it through and things seem to be back on track. Makenah is trying to figure out a way to get her phone and computer privliges, (is that how you spell that?) back. Could be a while. I am almost done with this quarter of school, which is good because I don't know how much longer I can take Mr. History teacher. I just registered for a summer class. It will be the second half of the summer quarter and I am taking Educational Psychology. I'm happy to get that one out of the way too, and I sure don't want to be taking that while I have to continue on in my Math classes. Anyway, all is fine and I'm ready for summer!! I found this on YouTube. It is a demonstration of what we are currently learning in our Karate class. It is a Kata called Fukyu (I know, looks like a bad word but it is pronounced Fruita) Kata Itchi (itch)


CandyandLadybugs said...

Yikes! I hope the girls stay little for ever, and ever! hehe! That sure isn't going to happen. A girl, or should I say a mom can wish. :)

I'm glad things settled down after your rough teenage week.

mjenningsdesigns said...

This is why I left my high school teaching career to become a SAHM:-)

Hugs to you!

meagan said...

You are getting a lot of comments from me today because I am trying to catch up and you have so many interesting stories to read! Besides, I am at work and the day is going sooo slowly. Anyway, OUCH! about the kidney stone... and sorry about the teenager issues. :( I tried to watch the little karate video but it said it was no longer available.