Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Championship Game:

Last Wednesday, Dalton's team played against the Cubs. It was a close game, ending at 11 and 14. He played pretty good, except for when he needed to go to the bathroom. Then there was a bit of a problem with concentration. Once he got that resolved, then it was game on! He was able to get a few hits in, which for Dalton, that was very impressive. Let's just say Scott needs to get that boy into the batting cages before next year. I did see some great plays by these little guys, from both teams. It was a fun game to watch :) Better watch out boys, this one's coming toward you! This was a great hit, but Dalton got out at first. Why must boys do this?? Great job boys!! You played well this season. First in the league all season, coming in second for the Championship game. Very cool! (do you think maybe Dalton could get a job on "The Price is Right" if baseball doesn't work out for him?)


CandyandLadybugs said...

Too cute!

meagan said...

Aww, I love watching little kids play baseball! What a cute team pic! Btw, I love and miss you oodles too!