Thursday, August 28, 2008

The most WONDERFUL time of year: (I'm still behind)

Well, I wasn't able to get everyone together because we have to drive Makenah to school, leaving by 6:25. School is only 10 minutes away (driving), and she starts at 7:15 this year. If we don't leave by that crazy time, then we are waiting in a massive line for 45 minutes on a very small, very congeted, narrow 2 lane road. I know things were different 50 years ago when the schools here were built, but who was the brain that decided to build the high school and jr. high right next to each other. In our school district, the parents are being punished for not passing a levy (1/2 the kids in our town go to private school and they are provided with bussing, so why should they vote to have their taxes raised), so most of our transportation is gone. The line of cars is so long in the morning with people trying to get out to go to work, and others trying to get in to get their kids to school. It is CRAZY!! Anyway, that is enough of my complaints. Scott was able to take the day off so we could take the kids to school together, then go out to breakfast. This is a tradition in our neighborhood and he didn't want to miss it this year. It was nice to have him home for the day. Makenah got up and seemed just fine about starting high school. She had been trying on outfits and finally came up with this: The ninth grade center is in portables, so most of her classes are there and she has a few classes in the main building. All in all she had a good first day and only got lost I think she said "once". Smile Makenah!! Are we old enough to have one in High School? Wait, don't answer that. This is Madisen's last year in elementary school. I think I feel some tears coming on(oh wait, I think that is a new wrinkle under my droopy eyes). Madisen is in 6th grade and seems to have a pretty good teacher. He is a bit strict and a lot of kids talk (whisper) that he is SO mean. I guess if you are a well-behaved, respectful child, who get all of their work in on time then you will have no problems with him. It's a good thing Madisen is that kind of a kid. Bye Madisen, we love you! Have a great day! Can you believe my baby is in 3rd grade? He is almost as tall as me! Dalton has puppy feet. He wears a size 7 mens shoe. Yikes! Dalton had a great first day. He has a GREAT teacher, and the fun thing is that his teacher's daughter and Madisen are really good friends. For Madisen and Dalton, school is not out until about 4:00, so they are really hungry when they get home from school. That extra hour in the afternoon really makes a difference in how tired they are. They start now an hour later (because of the bussing thing, or lack there of). An endless amount of school supplies. Most of them we brought in the day before. Next week should be CRAZY because we will start with a bit of a time change due to Madisen's band practice 3 days a week, and Makenah having to start Seminary (bible study) at 5:45 AM. Poor girl. It builds character, right? Or will it cause a cranky teenager?


Bridges Family said...

Great kids! Love the pictures and sounds like a great day for both the kids and parents. The weather has been nicer this week and I've been back on the trails! Just need to increase the water. Hopefully this week it will pay off.

mjenningsdesigns said...

Love the pictures! :-)

Bridges Family said...

Doing ok on the diet - I've decided that I really need to cut back on the Diet Coke. I retain water way too much and can see a difference when I avoid it. uggh. It really is one of the simple pleasures. How is it going for you?