Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 Surgeries in 1 Week:

Doesn't Scott look so L.O.V.E.L.Y. in his house dress, I mean tent, I mean hospital gown. The thing was huge. Two Fridays ago, Scott went in to have that stinkin kidney stone removed -whew finally. They put him under, got the snake with the claw on the end (they call it a scope), and snatched that baby right out. The wait time to go in to surgery was longer than the surgery itself. During the surgery, they inserted a stint between the kidney and the bladder that would need to be taken out. When I got back in the hospital room, Scott was fully awake and anxious to go home (well, he was still hooked up to the IV and in a hospital gown), so it was another 45 minutes before he was released. I asked Scott if the surgeon had been back in to talk to him. Nope, he hadn't. Apparently, the doctors don't go back in the room after the surgery. I didn't ask a lot of questions because I thought the surgeon would come back in and talk to Scott. I guess I should have asked, because Scott didn't realize that he would be needing to use the bathroom every 20 minutes. They wanted to leave the stint in until sometime in September, but Scott called and said "NO-WAY" are you leaving this thing in that long. Then, then last Friday they had Scott come back in, they put him out, and retrieved what I had begun calling his piercing. They actually told us that it would be an in-office procedure to get that thing out, so I'm glad they put him out for the removal. He is all better, and back to smoking his racquetball buddy on his lunch hour. As I was leaving to go get the car (while they wheeled him out in a wheelchair), I noticed a "flying pig" in front of Bethesda North hospital. I had to take a picture of one of the flying pigs. These are located (in all different poses and decorations)all over the Cincinnati area. The "flying pigs" are very popular around these parts. Also, I really loved how this ENORMOUS pot was decorated so I took a picture of it too.


Bridges Family said...

Scott looks gorgeous! So glad that is all over with. Did not have a great week for dieting. We've had rain for the past two days and mother nature also called on me. Ughh. Not looking forward to the weigh in. stb

mjenningsdesigns said...

Just love the gown :-) Tim would kill me if I put him on my blog in it though :-)