Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pack Meeting:

Dalton has been working so hard to earn his wolf badge, and in the process has earned himself a few arrow points. Dalton signed up to play Fall Ball (baseball) and the first pracitce was a conflict with Pack Meeting, so he missed the practice because he was getting quite a few awards. I wasn't able to make it because it was the 9th Grade orientation for Makenah, so we had to tag team (I'm thinking this will be a regular occurrance). Scott brought the camera to take lots of pictures, but according to Cari, I missed out on some highly desireable "MOMMY" kisses. I am so proud of Dalton for making scouting a priority. Kudos to Scott too, because ultimately, Scott is the one who REALLY enjoys the Scouting program, and Dalton is eating that up. He loves getting little awards for accomplishments too. Waiting: His Moment to Shine: Show us the Goods:

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