Sunday, August 24, 2008

Madisen's New Toy (and a little lesson on tithing):

Madisen has been saving for the last 6 months for a telescope. She has had a fascination with space for about the last 18 months, and most decidedly wants to work for NASA. She found her telescope at a craft store (Hobby Lobby) for $100, and once she earned her money, she was on me to go get her toy. The morning we were going to go, she realized that she had exactly enough to buy her telescope, but that she hadn't paid her tithing. She came up with a plan of how she would wait a few more weeks until she had enough and could pay her tithing (if you know Madisen, she is so impatient at waiting for what she wants, so this was HUGE). I was so proud of her for working out a plan to be able to do both. Call it a coinsidence, but I call it a blessing because about 5 minutes after she set her tithing aside, I realized that Hobby Lobby usually has these 40% off coupons that you can print from their website. Sure enough, there was! Not only did she get her telescope for $60, she had enough to pay her tithing and some money left over for a few other crafty things that she had her eye on. After we got home with her new toy, she spent a few hours putting it together (all by herself). She has brought it out a few times now and has even invited a few of her fellow science buff friends to come over for a viewing.



madisen, You are such a cutie!!! I miss you and think u r quite talented. Keep up the good work, love ya Patty and Ryanne

mjenningsdesigns said...

That is awesome!