Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friday Night Win!!

Our extra-curricular life seems to be tied up with band these days. Sure we squeeze in karate once in a while, along with scouts, fall baseball, activity days, and youth group. I posted earlier about how I managed to keep it all straight. As a matter-a-fact, we forgot Dalton had a game on Friday night (he ALWAYS has a game on Friday night) becauce it didn't get put on the board, or in my planner. The game was played against Mt. Healthy, and we SMOKED them! I think the final score was 32/14. It was the first night I got to see the band in uniform and they looked GREAT! Makenah even had her hair up, and a little bow on her head. Makenah is NOT the hair up, little bow on the head kind of a girl. She is FREAKING out right now about having to wear a skirt to school tomorrow (She neglected to tell me, until 10pm, that the band had to dress up tomorrow, and wanted some nice dress slacks. She will be wearning a skirt.) I must warn you that in the following photos you will not see one smile from those in the band. Someone told the kids not to smile during shows. They have since gone to smiling and I'm so glad. Come on, show us braces! She's got skills! Dalton enjoys a pretzel from the $100 food stand. It's all for a good cause, right! OOOOPS, forgot to switch my setting (the little girls got to cheer with the big girls, the little girls were ALL smiles): Come on, just a little smile. They have a HUGE band, and they sound GREAT!


Michelle said...

My sister was in band for like 8 years. It's apparently unprofessional to smile, even when collecting trophies. They're like military people out there, the way they're so uniform!

mjenningsdesigns said...

This brings back fond memories for me! I was in guard my four years of high school and was a guard instructor in my early years of teaching. I love it! It was so good to see you today!